Do Universes Dream Butterfly?

Do Universes Dream Butterfly?

Rex Lui

Neurons meander. Perfect fluid? Na. Loving memory? Ya
Under the Large Scale Structure of Space-Time
A butterfly escapes singularity, discovers pre-Big Bang

The fifth grade encounter, changed my path forever
Being is brief, within our Brief History of Time
On the average planet, butterfly became an unaverage star

Nothingness and loveliness declares war
Wandering between Black Holes and Baby Universes
“Curiosity is the key!” Butterfly affirms

Rising apes? Sure. Fleshly ants? More likely
Humanity’s heaviness triumphs Nature’s lightness within Space and Time
Hovering between multiverses, butterfly composes enlightenment’s repertoire

A next silkworm metamorphizes into virtuoso
In library, reading The Universe in a Nutshell
Ignoring the arrow of time, butterfly traces the boundary of expansion

The theory of everything might be obsolete
But standing on the Shoulders of Giants
We breathe the butterfly’s molecules with exclaimer

No divines nor gods Created the Integers
Anti-entropyly, exit superstition, enter knowledge
Binding with wisdom, butterfly evolves
My beloved of all time
Reality and matter combines, hence The Grand Design
Cosmos blossoms, so as benignity and the butterfly

Warmheartness persistently defies quantum mechanics’ laws
If universes are the Dreams That our synapses Stuff Made Of
Do universes dream butterfly?

With the harmonics of Johann Johannsson’s ninth chord progression
Quarks and all elementary particle collapses
Butterfly’s entire Brief History march towards eternity



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